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UPDATED 12-1-23

Listings updated for December!

Take a look around for deals on all your favorite Stephen King books! Also we have a few remarques this month. Head on over and take a look!

T initial batch of Long Walk cases will start shipping within a few days! I'm waiting to hear back from the bindery exactly where they're at on production, whether they're working on additional Long Walk cases or have started working on Dark Tower cases. I'll have more specifics in the next newsletter. I've also had some questions about Salem's Lot case availability - that's going to be after all the Dark Tower cases and additional Long Walk get done, so we're looking at spring of next year.

PS Publishing's Different Seasons has started shipping out. I'll have an info and buying page up on it next month. In the meantime, if you're looking for one, copies are hitting eBay but at pretty high prices. The cheapest I've been able to find at the moment is Badmoon Books, they seem to have a couple copies left. If anyone finds a better price feel free to share it on the forums.




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Subterranean Press is giving away a short Joe Hill eBook "A Sign of the Times" for free! Just head on over and complete the checkout process (no payment required) and you'll get an email with the digital file of the eBook. Really nice of them!

As promised I have the info page up for Holly, feel free to check it out.

Speaking of Holly - Constant Readers for a Cause will be selling signed copies of Holly. Proceeds from the sale of these books will go to the benefit of the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC). BINC is a foundation that helps independent bookstores and comic bookstores! The books will be $125 plus shipping worldwide....Of course, there's only a couple copies available so you'll need to enter for a chance to purchase. You have until October 9th to enter Full details on how to enter are up on the forums.

A lot to unpack here, but there is a limited edition project of Andy Dufresne's bible, with a ton of extras and signed by Stephen King. The edition is EXTREMELY limited to just 5 lettered copies and 25 numbered copies. If you're interested in getting a copy you must put your name into a lottery for the chance to buy it. Proceeds for this production will be donated to The Innocence Project.  The Innocence Project works to free the innocent, prevent wrongful convictions, and create fair, compassionate, and equitable systems of justice for everyone. Full details are HERE

If you lost track of the time, Kings new book "Holly" is officially released this Tuesday September 5th. I'll include an amazon link here if you haven't pick up your copy yet

A few weeks ago I discovered an excellent but little known YouTube channel SKFirstEditions run by fellow collectors Mark and Noah. Among other topics, they have a fantastic video series on identifying US & UK 1st editions as well as a series on limited editions. It's got a little something for everyone but especially for you newer collectors. I'd highly recommend you take a few minutes to check it out. In fact I was so impressed with what Mark and Noah are doing that I reached out and I'm pleased to announce that over the next few weeks/months we're going to partner with SKFirstEditions to embed relevant videos from them directly onto the information pages of the site! We'll need a little time to settle on the right format and get the pages populated but I expect a number of 1st edition pages to have the new content by the next newsletter, stay tuned!

We started production for Wolves of the Calla cases with the new outer wrap material but soon noticed that the foil stamping was not consistently adhering to the new material and have had to put a pause on production. The bindery is expecting some new foils from Germany next week that may adhere to this new outer wrap material better. If the consistency isn't there though, we're going to have to switch out to some other material that won't be as similar in pattern to the old material. Since this is a permanent switch for 7 different cases the quality of the finished product is more important than visual similarities to the old materials. I'll know more in the next few weeks.

In a long overdue update, I've added some pages to the UK limited edition section. You'll now find pages for the SST release of Gwendy's Magic Feather and Gwendy's Final Task. Also you'll find pages for the newly released Pet Sematary from the Folio Society.

As I mentioned previously we've had to switch over to a new cover material for the Dark Tower cases. The new material is in and the first titles are being worked on now. I'm expecting to see the first of the new cases within a couple weeks. Once the first one arrives, I'll get a post up on the forums with some side-by-side pics of the new vs old cases so you guys can see the difference. I haven't seen a fully finished, stamped case yet, but from the material samples I've seen so far it's going to be pretty close.

Also, I'm expecting the first Long Walk prototype in, this will be be mainly to test the fit and materials. We're still looking at late summer before I have anything close to final to show you guys and possibly open up ordering.

New info and buying pages are up for the S&S limited edition of Fairy Tale. Feel free to check them out.

Centipede Press has announced a new limited edition of The Long Walk for pre-order. Full details are here. The signed edition looks to be sold out already but the unsigned edition (limited to 1,400 copies) looks to still be available.
For full details and ordering info CLICK HERE! Also, head on over to the related thread for more info and discussion of the book. I've reached out to Jerad with some additional questions. Any answers will be posted in the forum thread.

If you've been following the newsletter you know that S&S released their unsigned but limited edition of Fairy Tale earlier this month. Unfortunately it did not come with a slipcase. I will NOT be making a case for it but our friends over at Lividian Publications are taking pre-orders for a really nice looking slipcase. Pre-order it here and join in on the conversation on the forums. One thing I've been asked to note here, is that this product is not official or licensed by Simon & Schuster.

As promised the info page is up for the US trade edition. As well as info and buying pages for the UK limited edition of Fairy Tale are up head on over and check them out! Thank you to those folks that emailed me with pictures of their limitation page for this book. I could only use one, but I really appreciate everyone stepping up to provide photos.

Veryfinebooks put up a nice collectors guide that some of you newer collectors out the may find helpful.

I'm saddened to announce that my bindery let me know their lead person that has been making all their specialty cases, including all the cases for the site, died unexpectedly last month (not Covid related). While the bindery is far from a one man operation it's a loss of a great guy with decades of experience in churning out the cases you have all enjoyed over the years. All the Dark Tower cases, COTW, Dead Zone, and more.

You can add more workers but it will take time for them to train up and become even close to as efficient as someone who's been there for years. This is going to affect not just my cases but all their other customers with small run, specialty cases. As such, I'm removing order buttons for any out of stock case for now, until I have a more clear timeline on when production on my cases can resume. I do expect at least some of the out of stock cases to be back in stock in Q4 this year, but I'm not sure which titles. I should have more information in the next few weeks.

There have been two new limited edition releases announced this month and both have dedicated threads about them - both started by fellow collectors. I want to thank all of you that post on the forums regularly, including breaking news of releases. It really is the fastest way to get information out there. For those of you that don't visit regularly I'd encourage you to bookmark a link and swing by regularly, start up a new topic, or even just read up on anything new.
- 1st limited edition - German anniversary edition of IT, limited to 7,500 copies. Still available for sale, full details on the forums.
- 2nd limited edition - UK S/L edition of Fairy tales. Limited to just 200 copies (some countries excluded from sale). This was already sold out by the time I checked the forums myself and got wind of it, otherwise I would have put out a newseltter. Again more details on the forums.

Looks like SK is coming out with a new Novella called Rattlesnakes which is a "sequel of sorts" to Cujo. You can find a link to the article about it up on the forums.

I have both buying and info pages up for the PS Publishing editions of Dead Zone and Cujo feel free to check them out.

Also Stephen King has announced his latest book Fairy Tale will be released September 6th. If you're looking to pre-order it can be found on Amazon.

There is a new info page up for BIlly Summers, check it out here

Don Matiz reached out and asked if I could let everyone know that he's recently renovated/updated his website, including a page dedicated to the art he did for Stephen King. Not only can you check out quite a bit of artwork, but many of these works have prints available for sale. You can check those out at his Studio Shop page

Kris from the SK Rare Editions Facebook group reached out to let me know a little bit about the group. It's a very active group of almost 3,000 collectors and is run specifically with rare SK items in mind. A lot of buying/selling and sharing of photos going on along with regular contests. If you're on FB do yourself a favor and check them out.

If you're looking for a little eye candy, VeryFineBooks has the ultimate SK collection up for sale for a cool 1.25 million. I have mentioned this before but now there are a number of photos up, so if you've very wanted to see two of the most pristine 1st edition Salem's Lots you're ever going to see, or possibly the only two page remarqued Gunslinger you're going to see, head on over and take a look. As Bob Barker used to say - "All this can be yours, if the price is right" :)

I saw up on Lilja's Library today that SK has removed his FB and Instagram accounts. If you want to follow him, you can still do so on Twitter. You can see the latest new from LIlja's Library on the bottom half of this page, where I pull in his RSS feeds in real time.

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