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UPDATED 2-2-14

Listings updated for February


All listings have been updated for the month, take a look around for great deals on your favorite Stephen King books! There are a number of new remarques up for you to enojoy! Cemetery Dance is doing pre-orders for the Anniversary edition of Salem's Lot, more info here. There's a new information page on selling a king collection, it's permanent home will be on the FAQ page.

The 2015 Haven Fundraiser is officially underway. You can get more info at


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Simon and Schuster


Finders Keepers, the 2nd book in the Mr. Mercedes Trilogy is showing up as a publication date of June 2nd on Amazon - 448 pages in length.

King will be doing a signing in Florida January 29th 2015. A bunch of folks are teaming up and attending, if you'd like to read more on it, or join in on the fun, check out the thread here.

Donald M. Grant has released their latest newsletter. Not much actual new content (thus no newsletter from me about it). There are still remarqued copies of DT 6 & 7 available, as well as artist editions of TWTTKH. You can read the full details about it here.

Hodder and Staughton have announced a limited edition of Stephen King's upcoming book Revival. Limited to 500 copies it will have a facimilie signature and an included gitaur pick. This edition cannot be shipped ot the USA or Canada, so you will need a mailing address outside of those two countries in order to place your order. More info at the H&S website. Have questions, check out the forums!

Donald M. Grant has released their latest newsletter. In it they're offering remarqued copies of multiple DT books, original art from Phil Hale and more. Click here to read the newsletter and get the order links!


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