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The Tommyknockers
(558 pages - © 1987)

Publisher: Putnam

First Edition: 500,000

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The Tommyknockers 1st edition
1st Edition Cover

  • A first edition of 500,000 copies. Issued with a dustjacket and price of $19.95. "Permissions to come" as well as the numbers 12345678910 should be on the copyright page. Current Value = $10

the first 500,000 print run were made with the "Permissions to Come" line under the number line, and a later 500,000 were ran after the permissions had been acquired.

ITommyknockers would have the 1st and 2nd States - (250,000 of the Gold author name and 250,000 of the red author name state with the "Permissions to Come" line on the CP page- and then the publisher was updated with the acquired permissions and ran an additional 500,000, divided the same between the red and the gold).

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