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(256 pages - © March 29th 2021)

Publisher: Titan Books / Hard Case Crime*

Lettered Edition: 26
ISBN: 9781789097443

Limited Edition:
ISBN: 9781789097436

Gift Edition : 2,500*
ISBN: 9781789096552

Artists: Gregory Manchess / Rob Gale / Robert Hack

11/22/63 Limited Edition
Primary and Bonus Dust Jackets



  • Lettered edition of 26 copies signed by SK Presented in a special book-style black tray case, featuring the Hard Case Crime Logo. A bonus Dustjacket is wrapped underneath the main one, Issue Price $300. Currently $2,500 - $3,000 (est)

  • Limited edition of 374 copies signed by SK. Shares the same design as the lettered edition but does not come with any sort of slipcase or traycase. A bonus Dustjacket is wrapped underneath the main one. Issue price $120. Currently $800 - $1,200

  • Gift edition of 2,500 copies with bonus Dustjacket.. Not signed by King, and no slipcase or traycase. Issue Price $50. Currently $175-$250

  • *450 extra copies of the gift edition were made available on June 16th. These were discovered at the printers warehouse and originaly thought to be destroyed. They are the exact same copies as the regular gift edition but come with only a single "LATER" dustjacket. Discounted slightly because of the missing DJ, Issue Price $40 - Currently $125-$150

Values for LATER last updated - August 2023

This was the second King title released by Titan Books. Like Joyland that preceeded it, the MSRP was very low. In an era where the standard price for a limited edition is $300-$500 direct from the publisher, and gift editions can be over $100, these prices are unheard of today.Of course, this isn't stopping prices on the secondary market from climbing to match what other limited editions are going for.

The bonus jacket issued with the limited and lettered editions is a mock-up cover of The Secret of Roanoke by Regis Thomas, a novel featured in LATER. Both HB dustjacket paintings are by Gregory Manchess.

The release of the hardback editions was delayed for approximatly two weeks due to covid related logistics issues. The actual ship date was Mid April (April 16th for me)

* Hard Case Crime books are published in collaboration with the Titan Publishing Group

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