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ESTIMATE - (est)

If a value is given with (est) behind it, this means that I don't have recent sale info for this specific edition. I'm basing the price off of either an old previously sold copy (over 1 year ago) or previous sale prices of lettered editions that are similar. For example a lettered FDNS and Lettered SODv2. Both have been issued from the same publishing house, with the same # of copies. With some adjustments made for popularity of the book, comparative size & value of other edition runs (limited and gift), etc.



Some books are so rare that there really haven't been enough copies of that edition of the book sold in a given time to give a standard value. Rather it comes down to what you're willing to pay at the time - and that sale will set the precedent for future sales in the near future. Many lettered editions fall into this category. However, if you would like a price estimate on a particular book please let me know and I will do my best to put a value on it based on historical values.

Alternatively if you know of a recent sale of a book listed as EST or STREET PRICE please email me with the link and I will mark that as a data point for future pricing reference.

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