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Under the Dome
(1,088 pages - © November 2009)

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Illustrated by: Matthew Diffee

Signed/Limited Copies: 1,500

Artist Edition : 25,000

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Dust Jacket



  • Limited edition of 1,500 copies signed by SK. Complete with a belly band, a stamped case, four-color printed endpapers, a ribbon marker, and will contain a set of 27 special trading cards featuring drawings of characters from the book (drawn by cartoonist Matthew Diffee). These drawings are featured in the book—as a frontispiece image and on the 26 part title pages. Issue price $200. Currently $375 - $475

  • A gift edition, of 25,000 copies identical to the limited edition except not signed by SK. Due to the sheer number of copies available I do not anticipate this book holding it's value as well as a typical "gift" edition. Issue price $75 - $65-$85

The limited edition was only avaialble to customers in the USA, due to Hodder & Stoughton obtaining rights to an overseas limited edition. Despite being limited to 1 book per US customer all copies sold out within 6 hours.

Despite the description from S&S (provided above) the "Stamped Case" did not refer to a slipcase but rather to fact that the front board of the book was stamped with a picture of Horace the dog. Also, in another shocker this edition does not feature a limitation page; which means the edition is not numbered - rather just SK's signature on a blank page. Due to this "cost cutting" I have revised the estimated market price down a little bit. I'll adjust, if nessisary after a few copies are sold.

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