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The Tommyknockers
(749 pages, © May 2018)

Publisher: PS Publishing

Cover, Endpapers & Interior Art: Daniele Serra

Lettered Edition: 26 copies

Numbered Edition: 1,000 copies

ISBN: 978-1-786363-07-7

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PS Publishing 30th Anniversary The Stand

Numbered Edition



  • A lettered edition of 26 copies, signed by Stephen King, Artist Daniele Serra and Introducer Angela Slatter. Three volumes housed in a traycase. An original illustration (remarque) is included in a special envelope. A book of all the illustrations is also included. The "Letter" is embossed on each book, signature sheet and illustration book. Issue price £2,520 (Approx $3,300) Current Value = $3,500-$4,000 (est)

  • A numbered edition of 1,000 copies signed by Daniele Serra. ​​​Three individual volumes housed in an illustrated slipcase, Three wraparound colour covers and a colour slipcase housing the three volumes that make up the novel. Issue price £69.99 (Approx $87) Current Value = $225 - $300

Values for Tommyknockers last updated - April 2023


  • Book 1 - The Ship in the Earth [221 pages]
  • Book 2 – Tales of Haven [295 pages]
  • Book 3 – The Tommyknockers [233 pages]

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