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Lisey's Story
(528 pages - © October 2006)

Publisher: Scribner

First Edition: 1,250,000

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Lisey's Story - Stephen King 1st edition cover

1st Edition Cover

  • A first edition of 1.25 million copies. Issued with a dustjacket and price of $28.00. On the copyright page you should see the numbers 1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2. Current Value = $10-$15

  • A "gift edition" was released by Quality Book Club ( shortly after the 1st edition. It features a slipcase, bookmark and presumably a smaller print run then the 1st edition. It is important to note that while this book has the appearance of a limited edition, not only is is not signed by Stephen King, but (as with any book published by a book club) is considered a book club book; not a limited or gift edition. Current Value $20-$25

Lisey's Story was published with much fanfare, including a multi city publicity tour in the USA and UK by Stephen King (something extremely rare for King at the time). While the official SK website stated that no book signings were scheduled for US cities,a limited number of copies were signed before the show and avaialble for purchase. Stops in the UK featured traditional book signings, with people lining up to get their books signed in person. Tour dates were as follows:

New York - October 24th
San Francisco - October 30th
Seattle - November 1st
Portland - November 2nd
Los Angeles - November 3rd
London - November 7th
Watford - November 9th
Thurrock - November 10th

** If you are looking for one of the signed copies, I would highly recomend looking for books with supporting documentation, like a program from the event, reciept for the book, etc. With as many fake signatures floating around the more supporting documentation the better chance in getting a genuine signature and better in proving the signature is genuine down the road if you wind up selling the book.

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