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UPDATED 3-1-24

Listings updated for March + 11/22/63 pre-orders today!

Take a look around for deals on all your favorite Stephen King books!

The biggest news is that PS Publishing is releasing their edition of 11/22/63 and pre-orders open TODAY! They are staggering their order times to help avoid a mad rush to their site, and to help prevent folks from missing out if they don't happen to be online the minute the pre-orders go live. You can read all about it on the forums.

All pre-orders for the Long Walk have shipped out! If you're in the USA expect your case any day now if you haven't gotten it already. For folks outside the USA, expect to see yours sometime in the next couple weeks or so depending on how long it takes to clear customs. Additionally I have a good amount of Long Walk cases in stock and ready to ship so if you're interested NOW is the time to order.

We have a number of new remarques up this month, including new Eli John remarques from Different Seasons that folks are starting to get in, and a brand new batch of Phil Hale remarques - 4 of which are currently available for sale! Details on which are available and who to contact are right on the Phil Hale remarque page.

Are you one of the lucky ones that received a remarque in your copy of Different Seasons? email me and I'll get them posted in time for the next newsletter!

I have something really neat to share with you. Fellow collector Daniel Carey recently went thru both the Philtrum Press and Viking editions of The Eyes of the Dragon and detailed out every... single... change.... in the text between these two editions! I'm talking over 800 differences between the two. So many that he also put together a shorter summary version for those that just want to see the main highlights. I've converted these to documents to PDF and have links to them on the information pages of the Philtrum Press and 1st edition info pages of the books. Head on over for some fascinating reading!

The new Other Editions section is plugging along with 4 new pages up! Head on over and take a look.




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I wanted to take a little time to talk about where the site is headed in 2024.Please check out this link to read all about it. I think you'll find it quite informational. (Spoiler, there's a new section of the site live today!)

As promised last month I have information and buying pages up for the PS Publishing edition of Different Seasons. Head on over and take a look.

Subterranean Press is giving away a short Joe Hill eBook "A Sign of the Times" for free! Just head on over and complete the checkout process (no payment required) and you'll get an email with the digital file of the eBook. Really nice of them!

A lot to unpack here, but there is a limited edition project of Andy Dufresne's bible, with a ton of extras and signed by Stephen King. The edition is EXTREMELY limited to just 5 lettered copies and 25 numbered copies. If you're interested in getting a copy you must put your name into a lottery for the chance to buy it. Proceeds for this production will be donated to The Innocence Project.  The Innocence Project works to free the innocent, prevent wrongful convictions, and create fair, compassionate, and equitable systems of justice for everyone. Full details are HERE

If you lost track of the time, Kings new book "Holly" is officially released this Tuesday September 5th. I'll include an amazon link here if you haven't pick up your copy yet

A few weeks ago I discovered an excellent but little known YouTube channel SKFirstEditions run by fellow collectors Mark and Noah. Among other topics, they have a fantastic video series on identifying US & UK 1st editions as well as a series on limited editions. It's got a little something for everyone but especially for you newer collectors. I'd highly recommend you take a few minutes to check it out. In fact I was so impressed with what Mark and Noah are doing that I reached out and I'm pleased to announce that over the next few weeks/months we're going to partner with SKFirstEditions to embed relevant videos from them directly onto the information pages of the site! We'll need a little time to settle on the right format and get the pages populated but I expect a number of 1st edition pages to have the new content by the next newsletter, stay tuned!

As I mentioned previously we've had to switch over to a new cover material for the Dark Tower cases. The new material is in and the first titles are being worked on now. I'm expecting to see the first of the new cases within a couple weeks. Once the first one arrives, I'll get a post up on the forums with some side-by-side pics of the new vs old cases so you guys can see the difference. I haven't seen a fully finished, stamped case yet, but from the material samples I've seen so far it's going to be pretty close.

Veryfinebooks put up a nice collectors guide that some of you newer collectors out the may find helpful.

There have been two new limited edition releases announced this month and both have dedicated threads about them - both started by fellow collectors. I want to thank all of you that post on the forums regularly, including breaking news of releases. It really is the fastest way to get information out there. For those of you that don't visit regularly I'd encourage you to bookmark a link and swing by regularly, start up a new topic, or even just read up on anything new.
- 1st limited edition - German anniversary edition of IT, limited to 7,500 copies. Still available for sale, full details on the forums.
- 2nd limited edition - UK S/L edition of Fairy tales. Limited to just 200 copies (some countries excluded from sale). This was already sold out by the time I checked the forums myself and got wind of it, otherwise I would have put out a newseltter. Again more details on the forums.

Looks like SK is coming out with a new Novella called Rattlesnakes which is a "sequel of sorts" to Cujo. You can find a link to the article about it up on the forums.

Don Matiz reached out and asked if I could let everyone know that he's recently renovated/updated his website, including a page dedicated to the art he did for Stephen King. Not only can you check out quite a bit of artwork, but many of these works have prints available for sale. You can check those out at his Studio Shop page

Kris from the SK Rare Editions Facebook group reached out to let me know a little bit about the group. It's a very active group of almost 3,000 collectors and is run specifically with rare SK items in mind. A lot of buying/selling and sharing of photos going on along with regular contests. If you're on FB do yourself a favor and check them out.

If you're looking for a little eye candy, VeryFineBooks has the ultimate SK collection up for sale for a cool 1.25 million. I have mentioned this before but now there are a number of photos up, so if you've very wanted to see two of the most pristine 1st edition Salem's Lots you're ever going to see, or possibly the only two page remarqued Gunslinger you're going to see, head on over and take a look. As Bob Barker used to say - "All this can be yours, if the price is right" :)

I saw up on Lilja's Library today that SK has removed his FB and Instagram accounts. If you want to follow him, you can still do so on Twitter. You can see the latest new from LIlja's Library on the bottom half of this page, where I pull in his RSS feeds in real time.

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