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The Gunslinger
(224 pages, ©1982 - Reissued in 1998, 2003)

Publisher: Donald M. Grant

Illustrated by: Michael Whelan

Lettered Copies: 52

Signed and Numbered Copies: 500

First Edition: 10,000

Second Edition: 10,000

Third Edition: 11,000

1st & 2nd Editions

Third Edition

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Currently The first edition of "The Gunslinger" is one of the most sought after books that Stephen King has ever written. Prices for reserved copies such as "reserved for publisher" or "reserved for artist" are very hard to price, not only do you hardly ever see them, but the price you can find those types of books for varies depending on many many factors, so the range of the price may be very large. In general though, any type of PC copy is within plus or minus 10% of it's regular S/L counterpart.

  • 52 lettered copies marked: A-Z, AA-AZ $11,000 - $14,000 (est)
  • 12 copies reserved for the publisher, marked: "Publisher's Copy" Street Price
  • 40 copies reserved for the author, marked: "Author's Copy" Street Price
  • 10 copies reserved for the artist, marked: "Artist's Copy" Street Price
  • 25 (possibly fewer) copies called "Presentation Copies", signed but not numbered and no slipcase Street Price

  • Limited edition of 500 slipcased copies. Dustjacket artwork by Michael Whelan. Signed and numbered by Stephen King and Michael Whelan. Cover price $60. The limitation sheet reads: "This special edition of The Dark Tower: THE GUNSLINGER is limited to 500 copies, signed by the author and artist. This copy _____________" $8,000-$9,000

  • Trade hardcover edition of 10,000 copies with dustjacket, of which approximately 1,500 copies were misbound. The cover boards are maroon in color, and the book has colored endpapers; the dustjacket has two prices printed. $1,200-$2,000

  • The second printing of 10,000 copies, with dustjacket. This edition has black cover boards, the endpapers are NOT printed in color and only one price is printed on the dustjacket $400-$700

  • Third printing of 11,000 copies with a re-designed dust jacket was released in 1998, in a 3-box set. It could only be bought new in the set not as a single copy, set value $225-$325 / Individual value for just the Gunslinger = $150-$250

  • A re-issue of 60,000 copies by Viking Books, revised throughout and with a new forward by SK; released in 2003 coinciding with the release of the fifth volume of the Dark Tower series. Still pretty small by print run standards, it will probably go up in the next few years as it is currently the only revamped gunslinger book. $50-$80

Values for The Gunslinger last updated - October 2023


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