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The WasteLands
(512 pages, ©1991)

Publisher: Donald M. Grant

Illustrated by: Ned Dameron

Lettered Copies: 26

Signed and Numbered Copies: 1,250

First Edition: 40,000




The WasteLands 1st edition
First & Limited edition cover
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  • 26 lettered copies Street Price

  • 12 copies reserved for the publisher Street Price

  • 40 copies reserved for the author Street Price

  • 10 copies reserved for the artist, marked: "Artist's Copy" Street Price

  • Limited edition of 1,250 slipcased copies numbered, and signed by Stephen King and Ned Dameron. The print run of the limited edition, originally 500 S/N copies for the first and second book in the Dark Tower series was upped to 1,250 to meet the additional demand. This book tends to go for less than any of the other first four DT volumes. $800 - $1,200

  • Trade hardcover edition of 40,000 copies with dustjacket, issue price $38. There were so many copies left that when Grant wanted to re-issue the Dark Tower books 1-3 he was able to include the original "Wastelands" in the set, since he had so many copies laying around. Thanks to Kevin Davis I can now tell you why, read below. $125-$175 (copies in Shrinkwrap can go higher)

Ned Dameron made 21 remarques in the trade edition. You can see them here

The third Dark Tower book is a victim of bad timing. When DT III was published, Grant had upped the print run to 40,000 copies. They also, at the time, would only sell their books to small bookstores and dealers and would not sell to the major chains like Borders or Barnes & Noble. When DT III came out, though, many small bookstores had already been forced out of business by competition from major chains. With more copies available and fewer small stores around to buy them, Grant's supply far outweighed the demand.

Also, the Plume trade paperback edition was made available very soon after the publication of the Grant edition (within a year). With the first two DT books, believe it or not, you could still find hardcover copies on store shelves for a LONG time after publication, because the paperback editions were not published until much later. With the Plume edition of DT III readily available, people often bought that rather than the Grant edition.

Since they had so many unsold copies of DT III, by the time DT IV was published, Grant began allowing major chain bookstores (Borders & Barnes & Noble) to purchase the King books in bulk. Where, in the past, we had always been able to get plenty of copies of the DT books for the store (and even restock from Grant!) when DT IV came out, since the major chains were buying them too, Grant quickly ran out of copies. Basically the whole print run for DT IV was spread much wider (through the major bookstores) than the previous three volumes, and it sold much more quickly.

Values for The WasteLands last updated - August 2023


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