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Little Sisters of Eluria
(??? pages - © 2009)

Publisher: Donald M. Grant

Illustrated by:Michael Whelan

Signed and Numbered Copies: 1,250

Artist Edition : 4,000 (30-50 with original art)


Dust Jacket



  • Limited edition of 1,250 copies, complete with clamshell traycase, numbered and signed by Stephen King and Michael Whelan. This title holds the dubious distinction of being the only Stephen King limited edition not to fully pre-sell out. This seems to be due more to the current global recession then any lack of interest in this SK volume. Issue price $300 $700-$850 (for #801-#1250) $850-$1,100 if the number is #1-800

  • 40-50 Publisher's Copies of the limited edition, with "Publisher's Copy" written in red in on the numberline of the limiation page. These copies were originally divided among Stephen King, Michael Whelan and Richard Wiener to be distributed at their discretion for personal and promotional purposes. Value = $650 - $750 (est)

  • An artist edition, of 4,000 copies with slipcase and signed by Michael Whelan. The book comes in a foil stamped slipcase. Between 30-50 copies of the book have drawings done by Whelan in them, giving you a roughly 1-100 chance of getting a copy with a remarque. Issue price $95.00 - Now $400 - $500

Values for Little Sisters last updated - August 2023

Grant's initial announcement to limit the print run of this book to 1,250 copies using their traditional ordering system caused a large outcry on many forums as it left owners of DT-7 with numbers between numbers 1,251-1,500 unable to initially buy a copy of the book from Grant. Prompting Grant to explain that the number offered was set because Stephen King did not want to sign more then 1250 copies.

However, between the announcement and actual release of the book the US economy went into a deep recession and Grant did not wind up selling all of their limited edition copies. In fact all owners of # 1,250 - #1,500 who put in a lottery request were granted the right to buy a book and a second lottery (with more possible) is being held for the remaining books.

Although I do not have any hard numbers, considering the lack of sales for the S/L and the lack of remarques popping up on various SK sites, I estimate there were over 2,000 copies of the AE edition available at the time of publication, perhaps as high as 3,000....The artist edition did eventually sell out, although it took a few years to do so.

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