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The New Lieutenant's Rap
(24 pages - © April 1999)

Publisher: Philtrum Press

Book Design by: Michael Alpert

Proof State Copies (unsigned): 24

Numbered Copies (signed): 500

Rap Cover




  • 24 proof copies, which were NOT signed by Stephen King, but had a form letter laid in by Michael Alpert explaining how the books came to be and why they were unsigned. $1,500-$2,000 (est)

  • Signed numbered edition of 500 copies. This book was never offered for sale to the general public and 100-150 of the copies were given away at a party celebrating SK's silver anniversary in book publishing. The value of this book depends on whether it includes just the book, trivia quiz,or the peace necklace & envelope. $3,000 - $4,000 (est)

Values for The Rap last updated - June 2023

The Rap was given out at the 25th Anniversary of Carrie on April 6, 1999. The guest list had 120 invitees and Stephen had asked Michael Alpert (designer) to prepare 150 signed copies (non-sequential order) in case there were more needed on the night. 108 people turned up as a few could not make it.

Approximately 28-42 copies were left on the table and thrown out by staff that night. None were recovered from trash. Stephen was so disgusted that drunk guests did this, that he took the remaining 380+ copies and placed them in his office safe in Bangor, to where they remain to this day. The unsuccessful break-in attempt in June 2000 did not get any copies of these chapbooks. There have been approximately 5 donated to Bangor public library since then. Therefore, only 80 copies were taken home from the event and 5 more have been purchased since then from the fundraisers. Of the 500, that is a very small number of copies in private hands.

Also handed out at the party were:

  • A signed copy of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon ( in honor of the 25th anniversary of Carrie )
  • The Peace Sign necklace in it's original box with bow on top
  • A Stapled (4 page) 25 question Trivia Quiz
  • The four Triva pages are displayed below, click on any one for a full sized picture


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