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The Shining
(??? pages - © 2014)

Publisher: Subterranean Press

Illustrated by: Vincent Chong

Lettered Edition: 52

Signed Limited Edition: 750

Gift Edition: 1,500


Limited Edition - The Shining
Limited Edition

Gift Edition - The Shining
Gift edition DJ




  • Lettered edition of 52 signed copies bound in a different material than the numbered, housed in a custom traycase, with an original remarque. Issue Price $2,500. Currently $9,000 - $11,000

  • Limited edition of 750 copies bound in cloth & hand marbled paper, housed in custom suede lined traycase. Originally NOT issued with dustjacket. Signed by King on the limitation page. Issue price $450. Currently $1,000 - $1,500 DEPENDING ON DAMAGE*

  • The gift edition of 1,500 copies is unsigned, bound in cloth and issued with a slipcase & dustjacket. Issue price of $95. Currently $175 - $250

Values for The Shining last updated - February 2024


* This edition was unique in many respects. Initially the illustrator for the book was named as Gabriel Rodriguez. However after the dustjacket art was revealed there was an outcry from a (small but vocal) number of King collectors and by April of 2013 news had leaked out that a new artist was being selected. In June 2013 the artist was announced as Vincent Chong, along with the new gift edition cover art.

It's also been noted the gift edition Slipcases are printed "backwards" meaning that the lettering on the front is oposite most slipases (see pics here and here). I don't know there's realy any hard and fast rule on which side HAS to be the front, but it's true that this case has the stamping the reverse of most King slipcases.

The limited edition started shipping in March 2014, upon receipt of the book a number of people noticed their copies had significant rubbing, spotting and/or color transfer on the inside of the traycase. A large thread was started on in response to the problem and Sub Press has numerous responses in this thread. Although the underlying cause is currently being investigated it has resulted in Sub Press issuing the following blanket remedy:

If you're affected by the traycase issue,we're offering the following:

1. A replacement traycase upon receipt of proof that yours suffered from more than minimal color transfer.
2. A coupon code good for $40 off any purchase later this year through the Sub Press website.
3. A dust jacket created especially for the limited edition. Everyone who bought a copy from us, even if it's flawless, will be sent one of these.

If you're affected by the scuffing, be aware we have no simple solution for this manufacturing issue. If this is a deal breaker for you, we understand, and will refund what you paid for the book and shipping (both to receive the book and return it).

If you want to take advantage of our offer,send a separate email to me at, and include a photo of any traycase discoloration. Don't forget to include your name and address, and your name in the subject line of the email. Refund requests should go to the same address. Please do not reply to this email directly, as it will result in an unwieldy chain, and I won't see your message. We need to receive all emails no later than May 1, 2014.

Seems like the majority of people are satisfied with the remedy being offered, but some people want nothing less than a full re-print. My take on it is this - It's an unfortunate situation but it's not financially or contractually feasible to recall all the damaged books and redo them. We're talking a hit of a couple hundred thousand dollars at least. This could easily send a small publishing house into bankruptcy. In fact Scream Press (the makers of Skeleton Crew) went into bankruptcy in part due to the cost overruns associated with the Skeleton Crew limited edition.

Despite opinions to the contrary a publishing house is under no obligation to think of what the book will do on the secondary market and with the option to get a full refund including shipping they are doing everything reasonable to make their customers whole. Not everyone will agree with this statement, but I guarantee you that any damaged copies sent back will fly off the shelves anyway and the secondary market supply will be just as tight as anything else.

So what will the book do on the secondary market? Well assuming the damage is as widespread as we think, I would think the more heavily damaged copies are going to sit around the $550 range, copies that are pristine will settle into the $800+ range. Then like any other book, depending on the extent of the damage copies will float in between those numbers. Once the dustjackets and replacement traycases are eventually sent out there might not be as big a spread, it's to early to say.


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