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Skeleton Crew
(546 pages, ©1985)

Publisher: Scream Press

Cover Art by: J.K. Potter

Lettered Copies: 52 (zippered leather case)

Signed and Numbered Copies: 1,000


Dust Jacket


  • Although there are officially 52 lettered copies, 70 books were actually made based off this lettered edition. These extras; signed by the author, Stephen King, the illustrator, J.K. Potter and the publisher, Jeff Conner with the inscription "Presentation Copy". A letter from the publisher is laid in which states, "This leather-bound copy of SKELETON CREW is one of eight Presentation Copies of a 69-copy edition made from original sheets, of which 52 are lettered, the remainder going (to) the artist, author and designer." What happened to the 70th copy you ask? Apparently it was destroyed in the binding process. $3,000-$3,500 (est)
  • Limited edition of 1000 slipcased copies. Dustjacket artwork by J.K. Potter. Signed and numbered by Stephen King at the back of the book. Arguably one of the most beautifully done limited editions, The limitation sheet reads "STEPHEN KING'S SKELETON CREW This volume is one of one thousand copies, signed on the facing page in silver ink by the author and artist. While you could have bought one of these in 1985 for just $75 it'll cost you a whole lot more now $1,200-$1,500

  • There were also 25 unsigned PC copies of the limited edition book, The overruns are the same as the limited edition, except they are not signed or numbered. For a picture of the official letter from Scream Press about this click here Also the black slipcase may or may not have the Skeleton Picture pasted to it (depending on the book) I own two PC copies, one has the picture on the slipcase, the other does not....$400-$600

Values for Skeleton Crew last updated - June 2023

A breakdown of the Lettered editions is as follows:
(Thank you to bigcoffinhunter for the info and pics relating to the lettered edition)

-- 52 LETTERED Copies --
A - ZZ

-- (Unknown Number) LETTERED Presentation Copies --

-- (Unknown Number) LETTERED Publisher Copies --
JC (his initials, for Jeff Conner)

-- 7 LETTERED Publisher Copies --
One of Seven
Jeff Conner (his actual signature)
Scream Press

-- 6 LETTERED Publisher Copies:--

Publisher Copy
From Six Copies

-- 1 LETTERED Promotional Copy signed by Jeff Conner, bound in Goatskin --

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