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11/22/63 Traycase

I'm thrilled to announce pre-ordering for the new 11/22/63 case! This clamshell traycase case features a combo linen and leatherette wrap on the outside with the title stamped on the front. Title and author stamped on the spine. The inside is lined with a red velvet and holds a double sided newspaper article. One side featuring headlines from "our" timeline the other from the "alternate" timeline. You decide which you want to display. The case is closed by the same magnetic mechanism done in the Salem's Lot and Stand traycases. You can place your order on the Buy Slipcases page.


How much will these cost? -Traycases are much more involved then slipcases, a lot of premium materials went into this case and all of the design features add to the cost. The price is $68.

When will these be available? - These are available now

What editions will this fit? - Both US 1st edition and Scribner Limited editions will fit.

Tell me more about the newspaper insert. - This sheet was created by obtaining a real evening newspaper from November 22nd 1963. The articles that appear in "our" timeline are all taken and paraphrased from that actual newspaper. So the facts contained, such as the times of the events, the capture of Oswald, are all accurate based on the real newspaper they were taken from.
For the "alternate" timeline the news story was re-written by me, but facts were kept in line with the events in the book and side articles such as the closing numbers of the stock exchange, etc are all accurate based on what was reported in the real newspaper that day.
In the pictures the print is B&W but in production the print will be in color to match the color scheme of the book DJ a bit more than currently shown.

Where can I order? - Order right here!


Click on a photo for a larger picture

Close up of article

Open Case / JFK Killed

Outside of case

Open Case no book

Close up of article

Open Case JFK Saved


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