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LATER Slipcases FAQ



What editions will this fit?
Paperback - Fits the trade paperback, all printings.

Hardback - Fits all Ttitan hardback printings. Including the signed limited, unsigned, and overrun (aka single DJ) editions.

When will these be available? - Production will start after pre-orders wrap up December 1st. Cases are are shipping July/August 2022

Tell me more about the designs - Similar to the Joyland slipcases, I wanted to have some fun with these and design something that ties visually into the elements of the book and cover art, while putting my own spin on the design.

For the paperback, we went with a stylized version of Liz Dutton's Honda Civic (using a first generation Honda Civic CVCC) in a full wraparound style as the centerpiece of the design - creating a shadowed image effect. Title and author on the front and spine and the catchphrase "only the dead have no secrets" on the back.

For the hardback we wanted to bring elements of both the primary and alternate dustjackets, and went with a shadowed background of New York row houses on the front of the case. On the back is a shadowed background representing the Roanoke Colony. Primary title and author on the front and spine, and alternate title and author in a stylized font on the back.

How much are they? - $44.95

Is this more than current slipcases? - Yes, like many other industries right now, the pandemic has increased the cost of raw materials and labor, resulting in higher costs to make these cases. I expect existing case titles will have to go up in price next time they go out of stock and need to be re-ordered.

Can I order the LATER cases and others at the same time? - Sure thing, the entire order will ship at once, when the LATER cases arrive.

Questions? - Please email me, or post on LATER slipcase thread in the forums.

Where can I order? - Order right here!

Click on a photo for a larger picture
Pictures are of the prototype cases. Some minor tweaks will be happening in the final production run.

Front of Case

Case and Book

Back of Case

Front of Case

Case and Book / Primary DJ

Back of Case

Both cases together - Front

Case and Book / Alternate DJ

Both cases together - Back

Questions? Just e-mail me


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