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Salem's Lot Traycase

Hi Folks, I'm thrilled to announce availability for the new Salem's Lot traycase. It features an amazing acrylic front panel that shows off the artowrk inside the large "O" in the Salem's Lot title. The case has a similar design to the STAND traycase and has a similar magnetic clasp and construction. You can place your order on the Buy Slipcases page.


What editions will this fit? - All 8.5" doubleday editions, including all three states of the 1st US edition and early BC editions. Due to the UK edition having the artwork placed differently and being slightly thicker, this case will not fit UK editions, only US editions.


Click on a photo for a larger picture


Empty Case

Open Empty Case



Case with book inside



One of the major issues that cropped up was the fact that we found out there was some slight variation in size between early 1st editions and other 8.5" printings (BC, later printings, etc). Normally it woudln't be a huge deal but because of the tight tolerance of getting the artwork to show thru the front window we had to make multiple tweaks to the design.

At the end of the day we tested on a combination of 10 different early copies, including multiple states of the 1st edition. (A big thanks to David at Betts for providing many of the test copies). Most book art should line up just fine but if your copy's DJ was folded a bit off the art might not line up perfectly. Some books may be a little looser then others in the traycase, but we're talking differences of 1/8th of an inch or less.





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