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The Colorado Kid
(179 pages, © July 2007)

Publisher: PS Publishing

Lettered Edition: 100

Limited Edition: 450

Artist Edition: 1,000

Unsigned Edition 10,000

Limited Edition



  • A lettered edition of 99 copies bound in leather and traycased. Signed by SK and all three artists. The original number of copies was 52, but PS publishing recieved permission to produce extra copies. Naturally some collectors were pleased to be able to get an otherwise sold out edition; others were unhappy assuming this would devalue the book on the secondary market. $1,750 - $2,250

  • A limited edition of 450 copies. Numbered, slipcased and signed by SK and the contributing illustrator. $500 - $700

  • An artist edition of 1,000 copies signed and numbered by the contributing illustrator. $225-$300 (est)

  • An unsigned, unnumbered hardback edition of 10,000 copies. While this is technically limited, it's not a 1st edition and the least valuable of the various editions $100 - $150

PS publishing tried something very different with this book. They split up the artwork evenly between 3 illustrators (JK Potter, Edward Miller, and Glen Chadbourne). So each edition has three states. You could buy a limited edition with JK Potter's drawings, and it would look completely different then the limited edition that was illustrated by Edward Miller. To help clarify which edition and state people are talking about PS publishing used the following letter/number system for ordering. To see additional pictures click here

Values for Colorado Kid last updated - March 2022

You may see some lettere copies with artist remarques, labled A-Z for sale on ebay or thru secondary sources. These are legitimate remarques in the unsigned edition, done aftermarket. They were then labled A-Z by the original seller. They are not a seperate lettered edition from the publisher.

In 2010 a 300-copy reprint was done which features all three of the original PS covers but none of the interior art-pieces.
There is only one ISBN for all three states (unsigned, £25) The ISBN is 978-1-848631-26-7
(i) JK Potter cover; Chadbourne front endpapers; Miller rear endpapers;
(ii) Glenn Chadbourne cover Miller front endpapers; Potter rear endpapers;
(iii) Edward Miller cover; Potter front endpapers; Chadbourne rear endpapers.

in 2013 PS Publishing reprinted 200 copies of the version released in December 2010 (with no additional plates and no artwork/photography endpapers);
- on plain wibalin boards with endpapers the same colour as the interior text pages; and
- with the Chadbourne and the Miller dust-jackets, 100 of each. (There are no changes being made on those.) Price: £24.99 Info Page:

In 2017 PS Publishing printed a new Illustrated edition of the book featuring Dave McKean as the exlusive illustrator for all art, interior and exterior.
ISBN 978-1-786361-87-5 (artist signed) 978-1-786361-88-2 (trade)
- 100 copy edition with full color wraparound artwork, signed by McKean on the limitation page. Issue price £195
- unsigned trade edition of uknown print run, issue price £25


i.e. a Potter S/L edition goes for the same as a Miller S/L

[A] Hardcover, unsigned
10,000 copies priced at £25/$50
-- (1) 3,333 copies illustrated by Edward Miller - ISBN 978-1-905834-01-3
-- (2) 3,333 copies illustrated by J.K. Potter - ISBN 978-1-905834-02-0
-- (3) 3,333 copies illustrated by Glenn Chadnourne - ISBN 978-1-905834-03-7

[B] Hardcover, signed by the artist only
1,000 copies priced at £50/$100
-- (1) 333 copies illustrated by Edward Miller - ISBN 978-1-905834-04-4
-- (2) 333 copies illustrated by J.K. Potter - ISBN 978-1-905834-05-1
-- (3) 333 copies illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne - ISBN 978-1-905834-06-8

[C] Slipcased Hardcover, signed by the author and the artist

450 copies priced at £125/$250
-- (1) 150 copies illustrated by Edward Miller - ISBN 978-1-905834-07-5
-- (2) 150 copies illustrated by J.K. Potter - ISBN 978-1-905834-08-2
-- (3) 150 copies illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne - ISBN 978-1-905834-09-9

[D] Traycased, Gilt-edged, Leatherbound Hardcover signed by the author and all three artists
99 copies priced at £375/$750
-- (1) 33 copies illustrated by Edward Miller - ISBN 978-1-905834-10-5
-- (2) 33 copies illustrated by J.K. Potter - ISBN 978-1-905834-11-2
-- (3) 33 copies illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne - ISBN 978-1-905834-12-9

-- One Unique Lettered Edition - Details not yet released.

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